Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Whatcha Been Up To?

Here is how we spent our Easter...

Thursday morning we had some of our good friends over for an Easter Egg Hunt.

Cole is the funniest Easter egg hunter. He could care less about how many eggs he had. He wanted to know what was in each of them He would find an egg, open it, unwrap the candy, and eat it. Notice all of the eggs are broken open.

Carter on the other hand found tons of eggs. He knew the point was to hunt now and celebrate later!
We ran in the Easter Sun Run on Saturday morning. Click on the link to read more about it. Then, after a Saturday afternoon nap, we headed over to a friends house for an Easter picnic, and egg dying. The boys had so much fun dying eggs. Carter went to town with his eggs. We enjoyed another egg hunt... this time with money in the eggs!

Sunday the easter bunny came, and left some fun surprises for the boys. He left Toy Story 1 and 2 to watch along with Toy Story t-shirts and Buzz Lightyear flip flops, but the favorite was all of the new pool toys he left. The bunny knew that the boys swim every Monday night at the Y, so he left them new goggles, dive sticks, pails, and splash balls to take... Thanks EB!

Sunday afternoon was spent at Aunt Lynda and Uncle Don's playing outdoors. We just couldn't get enough of the beautiful weather! The boys have never been so dirty, but it was worth it. After a hot bath, and a bowl of popcorn with a new movie, the beautiful day was over.

Christ has risen. He lives indeed! Happy Easter to each of you.