Thursday, March 17, 2011

On The Horizon

So things are continuing to change around here.

The Zinn Family home (aka: dad's house- not sure why we called it dad's house... the rest of us lived there for over 20 years.) finally sold. It was a total cluster, but I'm over it. This wraps up the final thing to complete for his estate. His taxes are done. Bills are settled. Time to move on...literally!

Yep, I think we are moving. I think I will say I think until someone gives us a contract we have to accept. It seems less real this way. I am so sad to leave this house. It has been a dream home. Really. We have loved everything about it. We just need bigger. We even contacted a builder about adding on, but it is so costly.

We are in no huge hurry to move, but we do hope our home goes quickly. You definitely get better value that way. We would like to have more space. We have been doing the number crunching (and the space crunching) lately, and guess what, a new home in our price range will only cost us $23 more a month on our mortgage. Um, no brainer, right?!?

So our spare time has been spent decluttering, and cleaning, and a little packing away in hopes that on the horizon we will be movin'!